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Come Join Us at SVSACS!

Southeast Vancouver Seniors' Arts & Cultural Society (SVSACS) is a group of dedicated individuals working to have a seniors' centre built in southeast Vancouver. The centre would house various arts and cultural activities for seniors, serving as a meeting and gathering place for older adults of all ethnic backgrounds. There is currently no seniors' centre in all of southeast Van!

Who can be a SVSACS Member?

Any person 55 years of age or older may apply for SVSACS membership. Memberships are granted by the SVSACS Board of Directors on an yearly basis. You must renew your SVSACS membership annually, to remain a member of the society.

You can still join SVSACS even if you are under 55 by applying to become an Associate Member. However, SVSACS Associate Members don't get to vote. This ensures that older adults are making the decisions and directing their own seniors' organization.

Membership applicants should support and promote SVSACS's Mission, and members must uphold the SVSACS Constitution & Bylaws.

How to apply

Fill out the form in our SVSACS Membership Brochure. Then to apply for membership, please contact:

  • SVSACS Coordinator: Lorna Gibbs
    Phone: (604) 325-0163

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